6 Tips to Dress for Interview Success

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Interview season is here and as the saying goes you often don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.  A good suit is a must for any job interview & interview success.  Your selling yourself as a professional ready to make a valuable contribution and it is important that you dress the part.  Here are a few tips for looking and feeling your best at the interview.

Wear a suit for the interview, even if the job does not require one.  A jacket and slacks can be worn at a less formal future meeting, or to a weekend meeting.

Your suit should be dark and solid.  Avoid light colored suits or bold suits which may come off as too showy or too strong. Try to have at least two suits. A navy suit for your first interview, and if there is a second interview a gray suit.  For entry level positions, you are not expected to have a wardrobe of suits. You can wear the same suit just change the shirt and tie.

Your suit should be current, fit properly and give you the confidence to make a great first impression. Stick with a two-button single-breasted suit.  The cut should fit your physique.  The professional sales staff and tailors at Emporio are here to share their many years of expertise.

The shirt should be white. You can pair a light blue shirt with a gray suit for a second interview.  The collar should be a traditional straight point.  Avoid spread collars, contrasting collars and cuffs as well as French cuff shirts.  Your shirt should be pressed and crisp.

The tie is very important.  A neat repeating pattern or classic stripe works best.  The tie should be well knotted ideally with a dimple.

Your shoes should be black, lace-up, with a good shoe shine.  And don’t forget your grooming – clean nails, trimmed and freshly combed hair.  Wear a watch, and have a clean handkerchief and working pen handy.

Following these tips with help you in your overall interview success and land that perfect job this summer.

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