Saving Your Suit: 9 Tips That Will Extend The Life of Your Investment

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Proper Suit Care & Maintenance

A good suit needn’t have an expiration date – if you wear and care for it right. Here’s how to keep your suit from showing its age:

1. Don’t wear the same suit (or pants) two days in a row. Give it a day to recover from its forays into the world of perspiration, dust and grime.

2. After each wearing, hand the suit in a well ventilated space. Letting air circulate allows moisture to dissipate so the wool fibers spring back into shape. A crumpled suit will benefit from being hung in the bathroom. It will enjoy a sauna while you shower.

3. Hand the jacket on a sturdy hanger with shoulder support. Keep the jacket on the same hanger that the suit was purchased with at Emporio. This will allow the fabric to drape crease-free.

4. Brush frequently with a cloths brush to remove dust and surface lint that collect between the fibers. Soft bristles are the best for jackets; short, stiff bristles for trousers, which tend to accumulate more fluff.

5. If your suit is dark-colored worsted, spot-clean minor water-based stains using a sponge lightly dampened with warm or cool water. Follow with gentle blotting, using the same sponge. For an oil-based stain, use a petroleum-based solvent – gingerly. Keep the area small. Several light applications are better than dousing. If the suit is light-colored or made of cotton, entrust any spot cleaning to a dry cleaner.

6. Except in the case of large spills & hard or prolonged use, suits don’t need much dry cleaning. Dry-cleaning chemicals can literally take the life out of wool suits, cause shrinkage, discolorations, and break down the fusing. If you must dry clean, use only a dry cleaner with an on-premises plant. Arrive with your suit in the late afternoon so it will be placed in the first load of the day. This ensures that the chemical solvent will be cold, reducing the risk of damage.

7. Don’t jam your closet full of suits. Give jackets and trousers breathing room so air can constantly circulate between them.Emporio_Category_Suits

8. When it comes to removing stubborn wrinkles, take your suit in for a pressing – but be sure to ask for hand-pressing. Over pressing with a steaming machine can destroy the suit’s built-in shape.

9. Do not let your suit get wet. Water will break down the fusing in your suit (fusing is used on almost all suits today, even better suits). If your suit does get wet, let it dry in an open area, where air will circulate around the jacket. Do not put it in a suit bag or closet.

With these tips for saving your suit, followed closely and carefully, your suits, jackets and trousers can last for many years.

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