Saving Your Shoe: 11 Tips for Proper Shoe Care

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Shoe Tips

Proper shoe care is imperative to extending the life and quality of your shoes.

Correct Fit:

1. Dress shoes should fit perfectly the first time you try them on if they don’t, they’ll never fit. Leather, especially in dress shoes, will stretch very, very little, so “working in” a pair of dress shoes is not going to happen and will be a waste of your time and money.

2. When trying on shoes: If you fell any bunching in the toes or feel the shoe pressing against any of your toenails, they’re too short. Your feet shouldn’t be touching or grazing anything in the front. The shoe should not be putting any pressure or squeezing on the sides of your foot – anywhere. On the flip side of that, you also shouldn’t have any room on either side of your foot that allows your foot to move left or right when it’s laced up.

Shoe Care Tips

3. Rotation: You should have a good rotation of dress shoes if your wear dress shoes every day. You shouldn’t wear the same shoe more than twice a week.

4. Invest in a pair of shoe trees. They will help maintain the shape and size of your shoes and prevent them from developing creases.img_9529-resize-reetouch

5. Smelly shoes: To prevent smelly shoes don’t wear the same pair every day. Insert unvarnished cedar shoe tress into just-removed shoes. To cure smelly shoes – have the insoles replaced by a shoemaker.

6. Replace your heels: Heavy walkers will down the heel of a dress shoe far faster than the sole. You can have heel taps put on the shoes, or if you don’t want the heel tap, replace the heel before you wear through the stacked leather back there.

7. If you drive a lot and you wear dress shoes, buy driving moccasins. They save your shoes from getting beat up in the car, and they’re comfortable.

8. Wet Shoes: Stuff soaking wet with newspaper and dry them away from direct heat. Direct heat can dry the leather too fast causing it to crack.

9. Salt stains: Mix two parts water with one part vinegar in a small jar. Dip a clean, soft rag into the vinegar solution and use it to gently wipe away any salt from the surface of the shoes. Remove the vinegar solution with a water-soaked cloth, then dry with a clean towel.
10. Polish your shoes: First wipe down the shoes with a damp cloth to remove superficial dirt and stains. Then apply Kiwi wax-based polish using a circular rubbing motion. The more you rub the better, and don’t forget to let the polish dry!

11. Caring for suede shoes: Apply a waterproofing spray to protect them from stains and water. Brush with a suede brush before and after the spray. If you get a stain, use a suede eraser.

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